An extensive programme of public transport solutions was implemented to reduce parking congestion in the areas surrounding the event sites and to facilitate maximum accessibility for the public to the entertainment provided. The information below outlines what was provided.

Park and Ride

A free Park and Ride service provided shuttle transport to both event sites on a loop from the three remote car parking locations at Sound Primary School, South Lochside and Anderson High School.

Sound School was accessible from the lower sound roundabout, and Anderson High School access was along North Loch Drive, where parking was prohibited.

This service began at 0730, departing every 15 minutes from Sound Primary School, and the final run was at midnight.

Shuttle Bus

A free Shuttle Bus operated between Holmsgarth and the town centre, stopping at Freefield on request.

The bus departed every 15 minutes from the Holmsgarth Stop (Skipidock Beach) departing at 1055 then at 10, 25, 40 and 55 minutes past the hour until the final run from Commercial Road (Stewart Building) at 2200.

Crew Parade

Both the Shuttle Bus and Park and Ride services were suspended during the road closures for the crew parade, so there was no service departing between 1545 and 1700.

Road Closures
Late Night Public Transport