Morgenster is a Class A Brig, whose name translates to 'Morning Star.'

Built in 1919 in Alphen, Netherlands; the vessel was originally a herring lugger named 'De Vrouw Maria' SCH324. In 1927 the vessel was lengthened by 7 metres and converted to a motorised fishing vessel, then renamed the Morgenster in 1959. The ship was converted to a sailing vessel in 1983, and had a maiden voyage as a sail training ship in 2008 following a further refit.

The ship has a black, steel hull measuring 38 metres from an overall length of 45.99 metres, including the bowsprit. The two masted ship has square rigged sails and weighs 159 tonnes. The Morgenster has a homeport of Den Helder, Netherlands and can accommodate 10 crew and 36 trainees.