Christian Radich is a class A Tall Ship built in Norway in 1937. A regular visitor to Lerwick, the ship's home port is Oslo. Christian Radich is a white, steel hulled ship measuring 62 metres in length, with a total length of 73 metres including the bowsprit, it can carry 85 trainees and 30 permanent crew. The ship boasts a main mast height of 37.7 metres, with 1.360m2 of sail and 9000 metres of rope aboard. From 1937 - 1998 the Christian Radich was engaged as a Norwegian Navy school ship and over the last years has been used by maritime students for their training in the winter, while being used for school trips, deck hires and also participating in races and regattas during the summer months. Christian Radich has been tough competitor in the Tall Ships Races on several occasions and with the 3 masted, fully rigged sails can achieve a sailing speed of 14 knots.