Dar Mlodziezy is one of the bIggest Tall Ships sailing the seas, at 2255 tonnes and with a steel, white hull measuring 94.8 metres; the total length - including the bowsprit - is 108.81 metres. This Class A, 3-masted, fully-rigged sail training ship is from Poland with its home port in Gdynia. Built in 1982, Dan Mlodziezy has competed in the Tall Ships Races for over 25 years with its debut being in 1982. The ship whose name means "Gift of Youth" can carry 130 trainees and 32 crew. With 3 towering masts of 49.5, 49.5 and 46.5 metres and an overall sail area of 3015m2, the Dar Mlodziezy can produce a maximum speed of 16.5 knots.