Shetland's very own Tall Ship - Swan - is a Class B, Gaff Ketch. The vessel was launched in 1900 in Lerwick, originally built as a Fifie herring drifter. After many years working the seas, the Swan was rescued in 1991 from where it was lying abandoned in Hartlepool. A major project of restoration was undertaken by The Swan Trust resulting in the relaunch of the Swan in 1996. Sail training for young trainees started onboard from 1998, completing 40 trips in the first year. Swan has a 20.4 metre long, green wooden hull, the total length being 26.10 metres. Swan's homeport is Lerwick, Shetland and the vessel can carry 10 trainees and 5 crew. The sail number is LK 243 and the vessel is a familiar sight in Lerwick harbour, around the North of Scotland & beyond. Swan has taken part in Tall Ships races in 2018, 2019 and 2022, as well as many other races and regattas.