SSE Renewables - Environmental and social goals through wind power

January 9th 2023

Back in July, leading renewable energy developer and operator, SSE Renewables was announced as a Host Port Sponsor for The Tall Ships visit to Lerwick in 2023.

The company is the leading owner, operator, and developer of onshore wind farms across the UK and Ireland. With The Tall Ships Races making incredible use of this same naturally environmentally friendly, wind energy, it seems a fitting collaboration. Although at times vessels do need to use their engines, there aren’t any emissions during sailing as they harness the power of the wind with many of them also producing their own electricity on board with solar panels and wind generators.

SSE Renewables hope to lead the UK and Ireland into a net zero future using wind and hydro energy and has a critical role to play in addressing the global climate emergency. The company is currently working on the development of the Viking Energy Wind Farm here in Shetland and continues to build and nurture its connection and involvement in the Shetland community. Sponsoring The Tall Ships Races visit to Lerwick is a great way for the company to have a worthwhile role in a large-scale community event.

The UK has a goal to be net zero by 2050, and Scotland is even more ambitious with a target to be net zero by 2045. SSE Renewables is playing a major role in helping the UK achieve their goals and tackle climate change head-on. The creation of jobs within SSE Renewables provides a vital economic boost and creates long-term, skilled, and sustainable jobs. The company has already created 1,300 jobs across the UK, Ireland and now globally. In Shetland, the Viking Wind Farm will create around 400 jobs at the peak of construction, with a further 35 full-time local operation and maintenance jobs throughout its life - a great long-lasting impact on the islands.

The company also focus on providing apprenticeship and trainee schemes, graduate programme placements, summer placements, and STEM education to Primary and Secondary school pupils. The company is recruiting thousands of people to match the scale of its renewable energy ambition and is always on the lookout for people with new skills, who have innovative ways of thinking and who can help to build a more sustainable world on the journey to net zero.

Julie Graham, Community Engagement Manager for Viking Energy Wind Farm, said:

“We’re honoured to be Host Port Sponsor for the Tall Ships visit to Lerwick in July. We look forward to playing an important role in such a spectacular occasion that will bring people from all over the isles together along with visitors and crews from many different countries. The four-day event in the capital promises to be an incredible experience, with the port becoming a hive of activity and entertainment.”

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